For Suppliers: Using the Platform


Distributor's Interface

Suppliers keep track of their data exchanges using XchangeIT Link's on-line dashboard. You may use it to set up new users, import or export data, authorise partnership requests (from newsagents), authorise service requests (from newsagents) or monitor the status of your gateway.

Systems Integration

Our preferred language for interchange with third party systems is CSV. We are however, able to transport documents in almost any format and we remain backwardly compatible with most of XchangeIT's earlier data types.

Integration into your own enterprise environment may be established via web services, direct database connection, our API or other mechanism. Such integration may be used to, for example, assess an inbound document against business rules or data that resides in your internal systems, and respond to a newsagent in real-time.

Insights for Business Partners

XchangeIT Link is built using a leading content management system. For suppliers who want to keep suppliers or other business partners close to the action, XchangeIT can provide these users with customized access to XchangeIT Central.