For Suppliers: Data Services


The role of the XchangeIT platform is to:

  1. Transfer data in both directions between newsagents and suppliers
  2. Measure and continuously improve the quality of that data

XchangeIT Link suppliers can choose which types of data to exchange, and which newsagents to exchange it with. Today the platform supports four data types however our underlying infrastructure is easily extended to the bespoke data types required by new suppliers, products or workflows.

The four existing data types (which are widely supported by POS systems and widely used by newsagents) include:

  • From Supplier to Agent
    • Delivery Data
    • Returns Forms
  • From Agent to Supplier
    • Sales Inventory Data
    • Returns Claims

Our existing services are designed for use with an in-store POS system and we have a large number of data types which we plan to develop in conjunction with vendors of leading systems.