For Newsagents: Membership


The two-way exchange of information creates opportunities for both parties to grow revenues and reduce costs. At its most basic level this means distributors provide Delivery Data and Returns Forms, newsagents provide Sales Inventory Data and Returns Claims.

We realise that every newsagent's circumstance is unique and compliance is not always easy. In view of this XchangeIT Link provides multiple membership categories, each with its own fee structure, range of services, and Sales Inventory Data requirements.

Upon sign-up, each newsagent is assigned to a membership category based on the POS system / accessible XIT services. The categories available are:

  • Regular Membership - the category with the lowest fees and the most services
  • POS DOS Membership - for users of the POS DOS system (from POS Solutions)
  • Home Delivery Membership - for users of home delivery systems, i.e. no full retail POS system
  • Terminal Connect only membership - for users who'll only want to use XIT for the XIT-Lotto Terminal Connect system

Regular Members who are unable to provide high quality sales inventory data in a timely fashion are not automatically declined service. Instead, these agents are assigned to the Sales Inventory Data Unavailable category where our Helpdesk will work with you to improve your data.

  • Sales Inventory Data Unavailable - for users of full retail POS systems who experience difficulty providing high quality, timely Sales Inventory Data

Note that stores of the Sales Inventory Data Unavailable category have access to basic services only and are ineligible for discounted subscription fees.