For Suppliers: Infrastructure


Hosted Solutions

For low cost access to the network small-medium suppliers may choose XchangeIT's hosted gateway solution. In this instance you conduct essential data exchanges with newsagents, with a minimum of data testing, and clearly defined triggers for communication back to newsagents.

Standalone hosted solutions are available for the supplier who wants maximum performance and flexibility without the management overhead of an on-site solution.

On-Site Solutions

Large suppliers with enterprise IT facilities may prefer an on-site XchangeIT solution. In this configuration you control a wide range of parameters including:

  • The types of documents supported by the platform
  • The categories of newsagent who are able to exchange each document type
  • Which business-rule and quality tests are applied to in-bound documents such as Return Claims
  • The nature and frequency of real-time feedback to the newsagent
  • The extent of historical transaction information which is available to newsagents (e.g. for reporting)

For suppliers planning to maximise integration with their own supply chain systems, an on-site solution is best.