For Newsagents: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is XchangeIT being improved?

    To make it easier to use and more reliable; to improve the interchange of all data, including delivery data, sales inventory data, and returns data; and to ensure benefit for all stakeholders.

    Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, we have added many new features. The new, clean and well-designed interface will make it easier to use. It will automatically run itself and download files as soon as they are available, and keep you informed with "file notes", which provide constant feedback.

  2. What are the main improvements?

    • Automated file transfer, without any special setup. Files are downloaded automatically as soon as they are ready.
    • Confirmation of every file transfer.
    • All Returns are accepted by all distributors, so you now have a consistent procedure in a single portal for all your Deliveries, your Sales inventory, and your Returns claims
    • Managing your files is easier thanks to the Transfer Activity screen. You will be able to see the contents of all files in an easy to understand format, and reactivate them with one click.
    • Headlines and messages from your distributors will be displayed in the new XchangeIT screen.
    • The new servers are more reliable and can handle more connections.
    • As well as transporting files, XchangeIT Link will check the contents to identify and stop corrupt data.
    • The new Newsagent software runs on a technology called .NET, which is much faster than the current Java platform.
    • Instead of talking you or your staff through complex procedures over the phone, XchangeIT Support will be able to correct your settings remotely.
  3. How much will it cost?

    Fees are based on a newsagent being fully compliant or not (see below for the definition of Compliance).

    Below is the new XchangeIT LINK table of fees per Newsagent store:

    Membership Type/Category Services Annualised Fee – Ex GST
    Introductory/Regular/Compliant Member Full Service of Delivery, Sales, Returns, and Returns Forms provided ITC tests are passed. Also includes the XIT-Lotto Terminal Connect system $472.73
    Delivery Only Full Services, with Returns TBA $472.73
    POS DOS newsagents Delivery Data only $990.00
    Sales Data unavailable Delivery Data only $990.00
    Base price All data types still under the compliance testing process $990.00
    Terminal Connect only Membership category for agents only wanting to use the XIT-Lotto Terminal Connect system $310.00

    Explanation of some terms in the table:

    • ITC= Integrity, Timeliness, Continuity. These are the 3 tests used to measure & ensure Compliance.
    • “Services” refer to 2 way data flow, which is Delivery Data, Sales Data, and Returns Data/Claims. The fourth EDI element is Returns Forms and, of course, these forms use the data sets already mentioned.
    • “Fee” refers to the annualised fee, payable in two equal instalments before each 186 day Compliance evaluation period.

    The new fees apply when you renew your subscription, or when you upgrade to XchangeIT LINK or when the old platform closes in November 2009, whichever comes first.

    If your renewal date is after November and you have not upgraded before October, we will schedule a time to upgrade you.

    Where applicable, credits will be given for unused days under the old XchangeIT platform.

    Fees are subject to change depending on your Compliance Status (see Fee Table and Compliance Status, above).

    Compliance and Billing

    As mentioned above, Compliance means you provide ALL data (Sales Inventory, Returns) on time, all the time, and that the data is correct or accurate.

    In order to give newsagents more than one opportunity per year to be Fully Compliant, and therefore take advantage of the much lower subscription fee, we have changed to a billing and compliance evaluation cycle that occurs every 186 days. The 186 days relates to 6 evaluation cycles of 31days each.

    Paying twice a year also has another nice benefit for Newsagents:
    You lay out less cash than a once-a-year payment.

  4. If I have to set up a new account, does that mean I will lose the remaining time of my old account?

    No, the remainder of your current XchangeIT account will be credited to your new one.

  5. Is it be easy to upgrade?

    Yes! No more CDs! Once we have made the new software available, you will be able to go to our website and upgrade by setting up a new account. After you set up your account, the new XchangeIT will be quick to download, even through a dialup connection.

  6. How will I go about upgrading to XchangeIT LINK?

    In XIT Link you will go through 7 easy steps to get connected:

    1. Log onto the XchangeIT web site, using the web address provided
    2. Create an Owner’s Account
    3. Create a Store Account, and receive a Store Number
    4. Pay your subscription fee (we will credit you for unused months in your present subscription)
    5. Install the Newsagent Client (i.e. the upgrade)
    6. Apply for Services with your Distributors
    7. Download and upload files (i.e. Delivery, Sales Inventory, Returns data files)
  7. Does it still work with my point-of-sale?

    Yes, XchangeIT Link will work with all EDI compliant point-of-sale systems that accept the industry standard DD2 file format.

  8. What operating systems will the new XchangeIT run on?

    XchangeIT Link runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. Due to Microsoft withdrawing support for Windows XP, XchangeIT can no longer support Windows XP. XchangeIT also does not support any version of Windows Server OS.

    ***32-Bit / 64-Bit Operating systems are currently supported***

  9. Is it easy to use?

    Yes, XchangeIT Link will be much easier. The main improvement to ease of use is full automation. Right out of the box, XchangeIT Link will run continuously and download your files as soon as they are ready for you.

  10. Are there any new distributors on XIT?

    The new XchangeIT makes it much easier to add new distributors. Once we have supplied all existing Newsagents with the new software, and all data flows are occurring correctly, we will be welcoming many new distributors to our network.

Operational Tips:

  1. Resending Sales and Return Claim Files from ARCHIVE folder

    If you need to resend any Sales or Return Claim Files to your distributors:

    1. Click the LOCAL DOCUMENTS tab in XchangeIT Newsagent Client
    2. Click the plus sign at Archived Files to display and access your distributor folders
    3. Click the required Sales (SL2) or Return Claim File (RTD)
    4. Click the Resend To Distributor button
  2. Resending Invoices or Return Claim Forms using the XchangeIT website

    To resend Invoices (DD2) or Return Claim Forms (RTF) using the XchangeIT website:

    1. Run your internet browser and enter
    2. Login using your username and password
    4. Use Distributor, Type, From Date and To Date to enter your search criteria
      Distributor can be All or any one specific distributor
      Type can be All, Delivery Data (DD2) or Returns Forms (RTF)
    5. Click on SEARCH
    6. Click on RESEND for the required file
      (Note: the contents of the file can be viewed by clicking on doc and drilling down as required on each plus sign, ie + Invoices, + Reference, + Product. Close this page to return to the list of files).
    7. Return to the XchangeIT Newsagent Client
    8. Click the MY HOME tab
    9. Under Connect To Gateway select distributor and click Receive
    10. The Status section indicates whether any files are being picked up
  3. Checking the UNSENT folder

    To confirm that your Sales and Return Claim Files have been sent to the distributors check that the UNSENT folder is empty:

    1. Click the LOCAL DOCUMENTS tab in XchangeIT Newsagent Client
    2. Click Unsent Files
    3. If there are any files listed, click on each file and click the Resend To Distributor button
    4. Successfully sent files will be moved automatically into the Archived Files folder

ITC Questions & Answers

Question 1

I have also been monitoring my ITC performance and have been quite disturbed that I have been failing on some of the criteria even though I have been following your recommended steps. When I rang to find out why I was failing the Integrity criteria earlier this year I could not get a satisfactory answer. I was being failed due to invalid early returns and I could not get an answer as to what this meant or how to rectify it. I am now passing the integrity criteria most times, though not for John Sands) even though the data has not changed! I am now failing the consistency criteria which will still result in a failure for the overall performance. I have contacted POS Solutions regarding this and I believe that they are monitoring my progress to find out what the problem is. I see John Sands are being counted in the Performance ratings even though I was informed that they did not require the data. If they have changed their position on this then our POS provider needs to be notified as I keep failing Integrity and Consistency with them due to data type mis-matches. I was informed by the relevant staff member at POS that they need to be informed so they can change the data so it is compliant with what is required by John Sands.

Answer - The John Sand’s Performance Test is being changed in order to improve and track the data better. This problem should fade away once this enhancement has been completed.

Question 2

We always submit our Sales Data at the end of the day. The problem - 8 in 10 - is that some Distributor’s server does not take it. Even when we highlight and resend it, the serve does not take it - we are told to "please wait".
What penalty do Distributors’ pay for perhaps not providing big enough servers but failing us for timeliness??

Answer – Due to the large volumes of traffic in and out of the Servers on the Distributor’s side, sometimes you would have to try to resend the files in the UNSENT folder. The distributors are aware of this and are continually monitoring their servers to avoid such circumstances.

Question 3

You look at your unsent folder - resend and still wont go - or it is sitting in unsent file but has been sent, unknown to you and you resend!
either way we get pinged - the data is out of date - or it is duplicate data - and never have been able to resolve J Sands data!

Answer – There are a few things you can do to avoid such a scenario, one is to check your UNSENT folder regularly, secondly some Anti-Virus / Spamware Software do block files from being uploaded or downloaded onto your systems. Its best to have a local I.T. Technician have a look at your system to make sure your system is not blocking these files out.

Question 4

As a distribution only newsagent this does not apply to us, right?

Answer – NO, this does not apply to Distribution Only Memberships

Question 5

Due to staff rosters we cannot always check that the sales files have been sent even though we run the latest Tower system with you.
It would be good if something could be done to improve the distributors servers to receive more sales files at once at the end of the day.

Answer – Its best in such a scenario to try and keep the End-of-Day process to 1 Till and to manage the end-of-day jobs from one Computer. Also check frequently to see if there are files sitting in the UNSENT folder before the close of business each day.

Question 6

How about trying to resolve an issue I’ve been having since change over.
Your note re checking if file has been sent, why if you are connected to the net would files not be sent?

Answer – We send out these reminders about checking your UNSENT folder, as sometimes if the Distributor’s Server or Gateway is down, then files do sit in your UNSENT folder until you manually select and Resend the files to Distributors. XchangeIT has been designed to try resend the files automatically for the first 90minutes. Once the 90 minute mark has passed the files get sent to the UNSENT folder.