For Suppliers


From mid-2009 XchangeIT will offer services to suit a range of suppliers and distributors in the newsagent channel. Whether you supply to or through the channel, services available via the XchangeIT Link platform include:

  • Transferring basic data or bespoke document types between suppliers and newsagents
  • Testing critical aspects of data quality, such as 'timeliness', as the data is received by the supplier
  • Managing data quality by reporting results to newsagents, providing quality incentives and improvement tips
  • Integrating with supplier's own systems to, for example, provide an immediate response on a Returns Claim

To participate in the XchangeIT network each supplier requires an XchangeIT Gateway. Your choice of deployment options includes hosted or on-site installations and you can choose the level of control that suits you.

For standalone supplier installations all data is exchanged directly between the supplier and the newsagent. XchangeIT's central infrastructure manages subscriber information and software delivery, controls access to services and monitors performance, but does not accumulate (or even 'handle') your data. This adds to our scalability and your security.

To find about more about becoming an XchangeIT supplier, contact Samantha Evans at