For Newsagents: Subscription Fees


Fees are based on a newsagent being fully compliant or not(see below for the definition of Compliance).

Below is the new XchangeIT LINK table of fees per Newsagent store:

Membership Type/Category Services Annualised Fee - Ex GST


Compliant Member

Full Service of Delivery, Sales, Returns, and Returns Forms provided ITC tests are passed. Also includes the XIT-Lotto Terminal Connect system


Delivery Only

Full Services, with Returns TBA


POS DOS newsagents

Delivery Data only


Sales Data unavailable

Delivery Data only


Base price

All data types still under the compliance testing process


Terminal Connect only Membership category for agents only wanting to use the XIT-Lotto Terminal Connect system $310.00

Explanation of some terms in the table:

  • ITC= Integrity, Timeliness, Continuity.  These are the 3 tests used to measure & ensure Compliance.
  • “Services” refer to 2 way data flow, which is Delivery Data, Sales Data, and ReturnsData/Claims. The fourth EDI element is Returns Forms and, of course, these forms use the data sets already mentioned.
  • “Fee” refers to the annualised fee, payable in two equal instalments before each 186 day Compliance evaluation period.

Fees are subject to change depending on your Compliance Status (see Fee Table and Compliance Status, above).  


Compliance and Billing

As mentioned above, Compliance means you provide ALL data (Sales Inventory, Returns) on time, all the time, and that the data is correct/accurate.

In order to give newsagents more than one opportunity per year to be Fully Compliant, and therefore take advantage of the much lower subscription fee, we have changed to a billing and compliance evaluation cycle that occurs every 186 days. The 186 days relates to 6 evaluation cycles of 31 days each.

Paying twice a year also has another nice benefit for Newsagents: You lay out less cash than a once-a-year payment.