About Us


XchangeIT is an industry initiative established by magazine distributors more than seven years ago. Our purpose is to reduce supply chain costs and we achieve this by resolving common data-related challenges in the newsagent channel. Currently almost 2,500 newsagents use our system each week.

The first generation of our platform focused on transporting Delivery Data and Sales Inventory Data between distributors and newsagent outlets, with limited support for electronic Returns. The platform excels in the area of Delivery Data and has become an indispensable part of business for most of our customers.

XchangeIT Link which is the latest platform, connects newsagents to a richer range of services from a larger range of suppliers and distributors.

The key to distributor participation is Sales Inventory Data and the XchangeIT Link platform has the tools to measure, monitor and manage the data each newsagent provides to their suppliers.

Helpdesk: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (AEST/AESDT)


Please direct any account queries to Helpdesk in the first instance. We no longer accept Cheques or Direct Deposits as of 01 June 2011, we only accept Credit Card and B-Pay.

Supplier Enquiries

For more information on this industry initiative, or to get involved, contact Samantha Evans at the XIT Helpdesk (1300 551 212), or email Samantha.Evans@xchangeit.com.au.