For Suppliers: Data Quality


A core group of XchangeIT distributors have agreed to conduct a standard set of tests on all Sales Inventory Data and to make the results available to XchangeIT Central. Our Helpdesk uses these results to make an overall assessment of the newsagent's Sales Inventory Data performance, and to grant access to benefits based on this performance.

The core group of distributors is known as the Quality Proxy Group and over time the members of the group may vary. Their tests are focused on fundamental aspects of data quality which are common to most (if not all) supplier and distributor businesses. Aspects include:

  • Timeliness of the Sales Inventory Data
  • Compliance with data specifications
  • Continuity - that is, no missing files!

These tests extend to both scanned sales and subagent transfers.

All suppliers participating in the network can expect to benefit from the actions of the Quality Proxy Group. In addition however, suppliers may choose to implement their own specific tests.

Our research shows that in-store procedures are the second largest source of Sales Inventory Data quality failures (behind the more mechanical aspects of Integrity, Timeliness and Continuity). The XchangeIT Link platform enables suppliers to assess the quality of in-store procedures by calculating the variance between scanned sales and 'theoretical sales'.