For Newsagents: Other Requirements


Getting the most from your XchangeIT Link membership requires a) a POS system that is carefully chosen and well maintained, and b) good in-store procedures. In addition:

  1. You must download and install the new Newsagent Client. This will be available from our web site and features a much-enhanced user interface.
  2. The PC that runs your POS system must operate (at a minimum) Microsoft Windows 7 with .NET 3.5. To find out if your PC meets these requirements please contact your IT provider. (**We no longer support MIcrosoft Windows XP.**)
  3. Broadband internet access will significantly enhance your experience. The new XchangeIT will operate over a dial-up connection however not all features are fully supported.
  4. In-store procedures become increasingly important including scanning all sales for participating distributors; scanning all subagent transfers in/out; and completing end-of-day procedures at the end of every day.