For Newsagents: Your Benefits


When you are Fully Compliant;

  1. You save time via electronic Delivery input
  2. You manage your cash flow via better Returns management
  3. You get a big discount off the base fee of $1048 (INC-GST) – i.e. you only pay $490 when you are a Fully Compliant newsagent
  4. You protect future sales because your Sales Inventory Data helps distributors replenish potential out-of-stock items
  5. You run your business more efficiently via a single EDI portal
  6. You save time and confusion via a single EDI portal
  7. You manage your Returns Claims process more efficiently
  8. You know at a glance what’s happening with this part of your business via
    • File notes – these tell you what data you have sent, when it arrived, what quality it is in.   Plus, you can track what data you have received.
    • Headlines – these are updates from XchangeIT and your Distributors, that might apply to you and your business
    • Reports – these will be supplied to you to show how you are on track with your data Integrity, Timeliness, and Continuity – i.e. your data quality compliance
  9. ROI (Return On Investment). Let’s do the numbers:
    • Cost of XchangeIT Link = $490 a year
    • Time saved (according to current users) = 4 hours a week = 208 hours a year
    • 208 hours X wage of $18 an hour = $3,744 (NOTE: Current National Minumum Wage = $18.29; goes to $18.93 from 1st July 2018)
    • $3,744 minus $490 = $3,254 – a 500% positive ROI. Sub-total 1.
    • Accuracy = you can put your own value on it – add it to the above number as Sub-total 2.
    • Quicker turnaround time for your Cash Flow via credits = you can put your own value on it – add it to the above number as Sub-total 3.
    • Add the three sub-totals for a comprehensive ROI Total.
  10. Overall, you are able to spend more time in your store making money, instead of getting ready for business.